Which Photo Booth do the Kardashians use?

Over the years, photo booths have become popular with their amazing features and capability of turning an average or a bad picture into one worth appreciation. Kardashians’ photos are something which attracts our attention. Their skin appears flawless and incredible to look at which only gives us a reason to envy them. Photo booths are even used by such high-profile people like that of the Kardashians, giving their photos a touch of perfection which will leave us awestruck.

Kardashians, like every year, threw a Christmas Eve party in 2013 which consisted of a photo booth being something different and unusual. This photo booth now has become a fixture at almost each and every major gathering of Kardashians and Kadarshians-adjacent event. If one follows them on Instagram as well, they will come across a black and white portrait which can be termed as almost a perfect candid as well as precisely posed, being shot from the shoulders up. Here, everyone, irrespective of their race, sex or age looks absolutely flawless.

Photo booth Kardashians use: History and Background

The aim of any beauty photographer would be capturing a flawless face. Instagram filters and some photo booth rental service also helps to solve this purpose of perfection to some extent. But MirMir is one of those photo booths, which has gained much popularity concerning the market. This photo booth is considered as the go-to photo booth involving high-profile events like The Emmys, Oscars, Coachella, events for the New York Times, Google’s staff holiday party, GQ, Marie Claire, wrap up parties for TV shows, Kylie’s graduation and much more. Currently, it has been used at Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday party being held at The Nice Guy, which is considered to be the favorite place of LA celebrities to get hidden from paparazzi.

There is very less information available on this Google MirMir but holds a great place in most of the celebrities’ life. It was launched in 2013, Glenn being the founder along with Sean Spencer to be the co-founder. The company on getting launched has done zero marketing, mainly because it didn’t have the need for it. Celebrities sharing their pictures on social media using this photo booth were enough for the company to get flourished and therefore, known worldwide.


Glenn and Sean, like their invented photo booth, are hard to find as well. They are more of a private person which seems to be interesting for them as they do it for their living. They believe in not mentioning their name anywhere even if it is relatable to their success. Both of the founders reportedly come from fine arts and photography background. During Glenn’s working phase in the New York fashion industry, he looked out for a way or technique to prevent carrying heavy lighting equipment to their jobs. He wanted something which could automatically bring some good quality studio light being something minimal, able to be lending itself to events. This was an editorial take on their part presented to the public.

MirMir, the Kardashians’ Photo Booth:

Glenn and Sean started their photo rental services separately. Having been met at an event, they discovered their similar taste and perspective towards this editorial outlook. Two years later, they merged together to launch MirMir. MirMir is available to the clients in San Francisco, New York, Canada, Dallas, though mainly based in LA. MirMir comes with a price and is charged extra for GIFs and its ability to share media on social media sites through an iPad.

MirMir’s hefty price tag proves it not to be a mere old photo booth, rather not at all a photo booth. Instead, it is considered as a device that combines up to a photo editing software and a well-fashioned human intuition. The subjects are made to appear in front of the MirMir device while their likenesses are mirrored back to them through a screen. MirMir staff member, either one or two, are always present at the event, being responsible for getting the photos at a moment that appears appropriate to him/her. The photo that has been triggered runs through MirMir’s photo editing software, within a times span of 10 to 15 seconds, further getting a physical copy printed out right on the spot of the event.

The software on which Mirmir works is referred as “skin filter” or “secret sauce” whereas customers term it as “SNL portrait.” In the Racked office, MirMir is known as “that Kardashian photo booth look.” People who have never used MirMir are also fascinated by it. On Reddit, a tutorial of MirMir has been answered as taking a photo, converting it to black and white, decreasing the contrast, fading the blacks, reducing the noise and sharpening it.

These changes are very well evident on Courtney’s under eyes and also Kylie’s bangs. MirMir is clearly recognized at the start of the hairline just like that one of Kendall Jenner. The blurring line on the hair is visible much for one to notice. Often that is taken as a spray right there on the hairline. Therefore, one can agree to the MirMir’s founders on the fact that this photo booth can do it all. It blends everything, preventing your skin to look abnormal or artificial. Thus, MirMir’s exact purpose is to blend everyone’s skin, preventing discernible lines, giving the skin a plastic look. One can, therefore, call this photo booth as a smothering filter, though being overused by many. It is undoubtedly an impressive photo booth, the automated technique being the highlight and the most attractive feature. Getting a physical copy of the photo right on the spot of the event along with great editing feature that too within 15 seconds, is clearly a clever innovation.

Therefore, MirMir being called a Kardashian photo booth is a great technical innovation with amazing editing features as well as an automated device providing photos that are printed on the spot within seconds. The founders are still amazed at the response that this photo booth is receiving from all those high profile customers. There are a number of photo booth rentals available in Raleigh in North Carolina, but this photo booth stands out being effectively used by celebrities on their Instagram feeds, saying how amazing they look.

Who Invented The Photo Booth

Among the list of party planning, one choice of all event organizers and planners is the installation of a photo booth. Photo booths are an excellent way to capture memories of the events and gatherings. Like any invention, the legendary photo booth has seen many changes and technological upgrades. Its initial model was very popular in New York City, and in no time the trend spread across the states and overseas. Let us flash some light on the origin, history, and breakthrough of these photo booths.


The first automatic photo machine that was patented in 1888, the photo machine was featured at the World Fair in Paris 1889 where French creator T.E. Enjalbert displayed the mechanism of this coin operated photography device. With this machine, the photographs were transferred to a thin metal page in five minutes time. Based on this prototype the Ashton-Wolff automatic photo machine was created in 1912.


Anatol Josepho, a Russian is considered to be the inventor of the modern day curtain-enclose photo booth. He learned photography and traveled around the world and in 1925; Josepho patented ‘Photomaton’ in Broadway, New York City. This photo booth could develop eight photographs in eight minutes for 25 cents. In the first 6 months of the installation, 280,000 people visited, and the studio stayed open till 4 am to meet the exceeding demand. By 1927 the trend spread across Canada and Europe. As the demand increased, more installations took place; by the closure of World War II, over 30,000 photo booths were working in the US only.

In Pop Culture

Photo booth found their way into the popular culture and spread across North Carolina and into its cities like Raleigh. Photo booths started making appearances in TV shows and movies. Artists like Andy Warhol worked on a series of photo booth portraits from the photo booth photo strips of his muses and friends. He recreated the black and white pictures with pop colors, line drawings, and size manipulation. Photo booths became popular among celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn and a lot more. By the late 1960s, photo booths became self-operated, and as 1970s set, color photo strips were introduced. The crazy of photo booths never subsided; in the 80s and 90s also photo booth remained a popular attraction.

Present Day

In the 21st century, the crazy of photo booths has lessened; they have become something we term as vintage. In vintage theme parties and ceremonies, the photo booths are still present. Photo booths have found a new identity in social gatherings for group or couple pictures with quirky props to add fun into the story. As we progressed into the technologically advanced era, consumer photography happened to be affordable, and we shifted to camera photos. With the surge of smartphones and various camera applications, our own phone can become a portable photo booth. The photo booths are the forefather of the trend of selfies which has taken the world in a blow.

There is no denying the fact that photo booth pictures are really a fun task. With the technological advancements, the photo booths have become more fun, and the opportunities are endless. Photo booths are the muse for applications that were developed for continuous photos for making a collage.

How does a photo booth work?

Photo booths are nothing but the vending machines, also referred to as the modern kiosks that consist of a camera and a film processor, which works automatically when operated with coins. The photo booths nowadays are completely digital. In the early 2000s, the photo printers, digital computers and computers with monitors that had flat screen started becoming very popular. This was when people started to connect these devices and created photo booths of their own. Many entrepreneurs started to rent these machines for weddings, or parties or corporate events, eventually leading to the spread of the ideas. In places like North Carolina and Raleigh, photo booths were rented for different occasions. The photo booths have also become very famous in countries like UK, Canada, and Australia. Most of the events have photo booths now in comparison to the DJ rentals. The growing popularity of the photo booths has taken the events by storm.

Photo booth for the parties

There are companies that rent out photo booths for events and parties for a particular time period, spanning for five to seven hours, for a certain amount of fee. Photo booths have become very popular for wedding parties, birthday parties or even the corporate events. Photo booths allow the people to print an unlimited number of photo strips. Most companies also provide with attendants, who help the guests in the photo booths.

Functions of photo booths

The traditional way of printing photos is dying out. The photo booths that are modern have a number of functions. These functions include:

  • The animated GIF
  • The printing of the Flip Book
  • The virtual props that are placed on the shoulders of a person, or the eyes
  • The slow motion videos
  • The background removal
  • Virtual dressing with the help of the fun costumes
  • Games that are controlled by body gestures, which allow printing the scores
  • Recognition of the facial gestures

The online hosting of the images, images contained within compact disks and related merchandise are also available from the modern photo booths. The celebrities are the ones who use the photo booths in the parties and the events.

Working in a photo booth

Photo booths help the guests to take selfies in events and parties. The images will not be lopsided anymore, or no blurred images will be taken by those people who did not have long arms that allowed everyone to fit in a particular selfie. Photo booths are the perfect ways to take pictures of either an individual or groups. The photo booths can be set up anywhere in the parties, and the host can encourage the guests to take as many pictures as they want. Photo booths can be set up in spots where guests can come together in groups or can meet people when they start moving from one place to another. Photo booths can be put to use by the guests during the party or the events when they meet a special someone, or they are in the mood to capture their special moments.

Size of the booths

The photo booths are generally 1.2 m long, 1.2 m tall and 1.3 m wide, but they may also vary in range. The photo booths are moved in cases that are wheeled or in boxes that are capable of fitting in through doors of the standard sizes. If the ceiling of a room has a height of two meters along with a power socket of 13 amperes, one can easily rent a photo booth. Photo booths can take four pictures of a time difference of four seconds.

Special Effects

There are a number of special effects that are available. Photo booths are generally set up to the specifications provided, along with accessories, props or green screens that help in adding up to the fun. Custom printing allows the pictures to be printed, or the images can also be viewed online after the party is over. The color of the pods can be selected in order to complement the theme in an event or to match the colors scheme. One can select from the variety of the props that are available in order to give the photos the desired special effects.

Though there may be photographers in an event, one may not get the exact pictures that they are looking forward to. This is why the photo booths are the best ways to capture as many photographs as the guests want. This not only allows them to have a great time but also helps in creating memories that will be long cherished.

Ideas for photo booth poses 

For the events, the idea of a photo booth is really exciting and great at the same time. Events like weddings, birthdays, prom, etc. are always filled with fun and quirky activities, and a photo booth is no less. They add the extra funky factor to the whole wedding and set the mood for the guests. People from North Carolina and Raleigh are taking this really seriously by adding them in every event possible. They fill the moods and the minds of the people with anticipation. So some ideas for the photo booth poses are:

  • Couples: There can be numerous poses for the couples. The partners can give each other small hugs, small pecks and surprise them at the moment the picture is being taken. A kiss is equally special if someone wants to keep the pictures forever. The reaction captured would be precious. You can also make it a sassy picture of posing like who owns it or pose with heart’s with hands or even lift your partner for a little more fun!
  • Men: Men can be surprisingly fun when filled in a box with a bunch of their friends. They can go from being the most sophisticated people on earth to complete 5-year-olds. They can fake a fight with the fellow friends; they can become the Avengers and strike their iconic poses. They can also re-enact the scenes from some sci-fi movie. Their masculinity can be on the show too with those muscles flexed. Lastly, the cool, hands folded in classic pose is always there.
  • Ladies: A group of girls can be the most iconic and elegant group. They can strike poses from a movie or be completely mad while posing. It can go from a super planned shoot to an unplanned happy candid. You can also enact the super girl poses or the queens from the movies. The pictures as a bridesmaid are fun too. All together girls can go from being absolutely crazy to the most sophisticated models inside the booths!
  • Dance Moves: There are many famous dance moves that you can try while you are inside the photo booth. You can go from doing your country dance to something classic to something completely western. You can also try hip-hop or the dance moves of a robot. The chicken dance is always a great option to consider while you are inside the booth. You can also enact famous dance moves from old movies.
  • The Shades: Every picture can be a different emotion or a different style that you portray or want to portray. One can go from being sad to happy to crazy to nervous to angry and what not. You can even make different faces and do the port that is trending or make a face that suits you the most. Stick your tongue out, be crazy!

This is what you should definitely consider while you have a photo booth in one of the events you visit. Try everything that suits your style or personality and be free and crazy!