What Size Are Photo Booth Pictures?

Photo booths are something we do love getting into when we are at a party. All of us must have some fond memories or incidents relating to photo booths. The trend of photo booths emerged in the mid-1920s when Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho invented ‘Photomaton’ in 1925 and patented it. It was set up in Broadway, New York City and spread the craze among the citizens across States and by 1927 the trend spread across Europe. Photo booths are now top the list of big parties and ceremonies like weddings and vintage parties. This is a great way to capture beautiful and quirky memories with or without fun props and with friends. Do you ever think about the type of photo booths or the size of photo booth pictures? Let’s find out.

The Size of Photo Booth Pictures

In the present day, there are different kinds of photo booth software which are linked to the different kind of high-quality printers. As seen from Raleigh in North Carolina, there are few options from which we can choose how we wish to print our photos and the pattern.

  • 2’’ x 6.''

In this size of photo prints, you can print up to four photos horizontally. These photo strips are the most popular for parties.

  • 4’’ x 6.''

In this size of photo strips, you can either have one photo in landscape mode or multiple images in landscape mode.

  • 6’’ x 2.''

These are special sizes which are custom made and not always available. You can add personal messages, name of the party or a logo and position the pictures as per your wish in this type of photo strips

Types of Photo Booths

When we are discussing the size of photo booth pictures, we must also discuss the types of photo booths that are functional in the present day. Broadly classified, there are two types of photo booths, those are:

  • Enclosed Photo Booths

Enclosed photo booths are based on the original framework of photo booths where the user are hidden from the world or prying eyes by a curtain or some kind of panel. This makes them comfortable enough to pose for their posh or funny poses and weird faces. Enclosed photo booths come in a different capacity, up to 16 people can be fitted in an enclosed photo booth. The photo booths with lesser capacity normally have benches for the users to sit but the larger booths make the user stand for the photos.

  • Open Photo Booths

Open photo booths are out in the open with no curtain or panel hiding the user from the outside world. There are different kinds of open photo booth like a kiosk or a photographer clicking your pictures as you pose. Open photo booths can accommodate more people than the enclosed ones. People can see your glamorous or funny poses. These booths are more fun as the poses generate a fun environment. These booths don’t have much privacy. The flashes and outside noise affects the photos taken in an open photo booth

Photo booths are one of the biggest inventions for the entertainment of mankind while making memories. In the present day, the techniques have evolved a lot. In the initial days, there were only photo strips with four pictures in black and white and then came eight pictures in black and white. Now we have color pictures in different sizes and with a lot of fun props to pose with.

What are Photo Booth Props?

Hiring photographers are quite common, either for weddings or private parties or even corporate gatherings for capturing some precious moments of one’s life. Currently, a new trend is seen emerging. This new trend is the installation of photo booths at events. Hiring photographers involve a higher budget, whereas photo booths are preferable when the budget is tight. A photo booth rental will make sure it gets you all the pictures of the important moments as well as the pictures of the guests. Photo booth props are the fun elements that these rentals have to offer in order to make the event more interesting and exciting. Colorful backdrops, moustaches, chalkboards, sailor hats and such props are considered as photo booth props making the event happening and attracting guests to try out these props, thereby being engaged at the party.

Selecting perfect props for photo booth event:

There are a number of places to one can purchase their photo booth props from according to the theme of their events. Few of the sources are:

  • Dollar stores are the best for such party props when the budget is limited as one can avail they desirable props just at one dollar. But they do not have many choices available, which is a major setback.
  • Costume shops can also provide you with amazing deals on various photo booth things, including a great range of props.
  • Online stores are another place to grab your props in bulk at amazing discounts. One can get those superbly made sailor hats, mustaches, beards etc., but definitely not at a lower price.
  • Great handmade props can be availed from etsy.com. Here things are handmade with a lot of care which are sure to please you. However, the prices of such props are not budget-friendly.
  • Walmart is another solution for purchasing such props. Photo booth props are available on a stick, including cute signs and mustaches and many other funny and interesting props.

Photo booths are extremely popular only for good reasons. While renting props from the photo booth rental company, one must be sure to check out whatever is included in the deal. Often companies put in extra props on hand in order to get paid more for good quality props supplied by them. One can negotiate such charges beforehand with the company so as to get saved from the hustle of buying them separately. One can also start collecting or making their own props for the events so as to avoid such circumstances as well as save money.


Few Photo Booth Prop Ideas:

In order to get your money saved, you can try and make some props all by yourself. These can be made with simple things that are available at stationery stores or anywhere like chart papers, cardboards, sticks, colors, beads, and many other crafting materials. Handmade props will not only allow creating things of your choice; it keeps a check on the budget; also handmade stuff provide warmth and love to your special ones, making them feel special. All you need is a little bit effort and creativity to get your props done for the event, worth appraisal.

Here are few DIY photo booth prop ideas for adding an extra element of fun to your event:

  • Paper chain backdrop

These paper chains can be made with vibrant, colorful papers. Those paper strips can be cut off either with a trimmer or guillotine. A pair of scissors can serve the same purpose.

  • Chalkboard backdrop

These chalkboard backdrops can be customized completely. As soon as the chalkboard paint dries up, one can easily draw or write anything of their choice and definitely relatable to the event.

  • Ticket backdrop

If your party is comprised of a movie theme, ticket backdrops are apt. It just needs a lining of the tickets and further getting them attached with some poster putty or tapes.

  • Instax Pineapple frame

These are great options for get-togethers. One needs to mark the back side of the cardboard with stencils so that there are no pencil lines either on front sides or on the colored side.

  • Door screen backdrop

Old doors can be assembled together to give an amazing backdrop for a picture. These are best for wedding ceremonies involving the couple for a photo shoot.  Some wooden pieces can be distressed with some sandpaper or chalk paint to get it done.

  • Minecraft balloon wall

Here, all the balloons should be of uniform size. This can be done with the help of uniform pumps for blowing up the balloons.

  • Paper fan backdrop

One can create this backdrop by placing a number of paper pieces of different sizes like a fan. This allows the photo booth being good in texture as well as a variety of the ways these paper fans are laid out.

  • Batman frame

If the event is for kids and they are great fans of Batman, this is the perfect frame to surprise them. Birthday parties can have these frames, comprised of all the imageries of Batman either from paper cut-outs or simple drawings.

  • Gold Sequins backdrop

Some glitz can be added to your photos with such gold sequin backdrops. Props like metallic foil hats and also party poppers can serve this purpose well.

  • Flower garland backdrop

If the wall seems to be dull and neutral, flower garlands can brighten up the backdrop instantly. But if one wants to exhibit those pastel shades of the wall, then these flower garlands can be placed in front of a black colored wall.

These are few of the simple and effective photo booth props which can be done easily at home and therefore, requires no renting. Photo booths are extremely popular in Raleigh of North Carolina where one can avail great rental services from a variety of companies. Photo booth props not only excite the guests of the events or the gathering, but it also enhances the feel and mood of that particular event, enabling people to get indulged in all the fun-filled activities, thereby being captured in those precious moments which can be cherished throughout their life.

How much does renting a photo booth cost?

Before we dwell in the depths of this topic, we need to understand first what exactly a ‘photo booth’ is and what role it plays in our life. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a photo booth is a small room that one or two people can go into to have their photograph taken by putting money into a slot.' Similarly, the Collins dictionary has described a photo booth as ‘cubicle or small room in which a person sits to have their photograph taken by a machine.' So we can gather from the above explanations that a photo booth is basically a place which is open to the general public, where the photos are being taken automatically by a machine.

A photo booth contains an automated machine or kiosk which has the money or coin deposit slot in an enclosed area. The automatic kiosk takes the picture as soon as the coin is dropped in the allotted coin deposit slot. It is like a vending machine which clicks the picture in return for money. Such photo booths are more common in western countries. For example, reference can be made to Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina, where photo booths are found to be given on rent. In Raleigh, there are actually companies who take and give such photo booths on rent. Other examples of such countries can be United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other such places. According to various surveys, there has been a rise around 48% in searches and construction of such photo booths.

What is the role of a photo booth?

People generally prefer to rent photo booths for weddings, parties, gatherings where groups of people can click their photos by dropping just a coin instead of waiting for the photographer to be free. It is also an additional fun to the guests where they can click different pictures and preserve them as mementos. The photo booth ensures instant photos. Some of the photo booths also offer props to add fun. It is generally preferred that when a person uses the photo booth, the background is light colored as it will help in taking better photos. A photo booth if given on proper rent and is used efficiently, and then it can earn good and fair revenue.

Cost of renting a photo booth

There are many companies whose major business objective is to own or rent a phone booth. The owners can further give the booths on rent to small businesses. As technology advanced, some people connected the compact photo, digital cameras, , flat screen computer monitors, printers to create their own photo booths. By bringing those together using a personal computer and software, the technology made a photo booth readily accessible to general people. With the growth of photo booths, people started searching for photo booth rentals more than professional photographers. Photo booths on rent are common in western countries, especially North America and the United Kingdom. Most photo booth companies in these countries calculate a package while giving the photo booths on rent. Some of them also give the facility to negotiate the prices while fixing the rent based on the time (number of hours). Therefore, it can be seen that while deciding the cost of renting a photo booth various factors are needed to be taken into account, such as the location of the photo booth, the number of hours or time involved, the general price or fair rent prevalent in that area and other small significant factors. In a country like Australia, a photo booth generally ranges from $1500 to $2000 for three hours while in Ohio the charge is $1000 for four hours approximately.

In Chicago, people have been found to pay $1500 for four hours on special occasions. So it is quite apparent from the different fares and rents that the cost of renting a photo booth generally differs from places to places, from time to time, occasions to occasions, and often from companies to companies. The companies which offer packages are also sometimes open to negotiation regarding the cost of renting a photo booth. They sometimes offer special deals, which if taken advantage of, can earn a lot of money.

So from the above discussion, it can be easily concluded as to how much renting a photo booth cost. The factors on which cost of renting a photo booth depends have also been mentioned and elaborated. It can be seen that photo booth has become quite an interesting addition to taking one’s picture.

Why does your corporate event needs a Photo Booth

Photo booths are vending machines, or they are better known as the modern kiosks. These consist of a camera along with a film processor that works automatically, when operated by coins. The majority of the photo booths are digital nowadays. There are companies that rent out photo booths to persons or for events for a particular time span, and charge a certain amount of fee. Photo booths have become very popular in places like North Carolina and Raleigh for wedding purposes, parties and even the formal corporate events. The photo booth companies make sure that there are attendants who help the people with the service of a photo booth. The modern booths have various functions that include animated GIF, printing of the Flip Book, Virtual props, slow motion videos; costume dressing that is virtual, games of different types and recognizing facial gestures. The growth of the photo booths has been undoubtedly spectacular.

Reasons why corporate event needs Photo Booth

The photo booths, no matter what shape and size they are off, they are becoming very popular in almost every event. They provide more than just the usual games and fun. Listed below are the reasons as to why a corporate event should have photo booths.

  • A photo booth helps in the mingling of the guests. Incorporate events, people from different places may come. Photo booths in corporate events help the attendees, who do not know each other, a way to start a conversation. They get to know each other, the occupations they are associated with, and thus, a great rapport is built. One of the most important benefits that photo booths have apart from being a conversation starter is the fact that it helps the networking ball to grow strong. This is why photo booths are an important necessity in a corporate event.
  • We all know that a single picture is worth almost a thousand words. The people who attend the meeting will love to share all their photos that they have taken with the people they have met. There are many photo booth companies which provide the unique facility of emailing the pictures. Incorporate events, the photo booths that are rented should have this facility, so that the attendees can mail the pictures to themselves once they are done. This helps them to share all the photos on the social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, etc.
  • It is true that there is much more to photo booths than only the entertainment factor associated with it. But, the events also need to keep in mind that events that are very serious become monotonous after a certain point in time. Thus, fun is something that is definitely needed. Photo booths help in keeping the guests busy, and they may also remember being at an event that was both important and fun at the same time.

Photo booths are rented in almost all corporate events now, and they are responsible for doubling up the fun in any event.