Fun facts about Raleigh


Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and is the part of the United States. Raleigh is the second largest city and is known as the “City of Oaks” as it has many oak trees. The city has an area of 370 km2. According to U.S census, it has a population of 451,066 as of July 2015. It is one of the fastest developing countries in the map.

CLIMATE: The spring and summers have a  weather of upper 60 and upper 80 Fahrenheit, Falls has a temperature of 70 while winters are as low as the 20s to mid-50s. Annual rainfall is about 45.23 inches. The annual mean temperature in Fahrenheit is 71 degrees maximum 50-degree minimum.

PARKS AND RECREATION: Raleigh has more than 9,000 acres of parks and nearly 1,300 acres of water which offers you various water-based recreational activities. For the recreation part, you have various options in Raleigh. You can go for hiking or jogging and there are even many 200 acres parks in the nearby cities.

FAUNA/FLORA: The city is covered with a huge number of forests with varieties of trees and is home to animals such as geese, monkeys, turkeys and much more. If you are a nature lover then you have an extra reason to love Raleigh.

SPORTS: If you are a sports enthusiasts then Raleigh is the perfect choice for you too. The city is filled with various football tournaments. Many colleges host tournaments and motivate students to play and take part in sports. Apart from this the city is also popular for hosting many car races too. This is very popular among youngsters but is also popular among mid-aged people too.

SHOPPING: The country is a food to shopaholics. Many famous retail brands have their outlets in the city. You can find yourself both traditional clothing and branded clothing. Also, you have a great number of malls and options to choose from. Popular shopping areas and malls include Brier Creek Commons, Beaver Creek Commons, Crabtree Valley Mall, North Hills, Park West Village, Triangle Town Center, Cameron Village, Cary Towne Center, and White Oak Crossing.

PEACE AND JOB SECURITY: According to UN Raleigh is one of the most peaceful sites. It is not densely populated and also has job security. You can easily find a job here with long-term guarantee in case you are very dedicated and hard working. Also, you are very likely to have friendly neighbors. It is also a place of many high-quality services one of which is the Best photo booth rental.




The North Carolina Executive Mansion is a home to many architectural and historical beauties. It contains the tradition of Raleigh and is very popular sightseeing a place to know the culture of Raleigh. Apart from this, there are many other historic sites in Raleigh.

NIGHT-LIFE: The country has an amazing nightlife too. You can visit operas or even local concerts. Music is very popular in the country and they have room for all kinds of music. The concerts are taken by local singers and international singers.


CUISINE: The city has various kinds of cuisine ranging from high-class cuisines to local and traditional street side dishes. They also have many wine shops and places where local beer is made.

TRANSPORTATION: Raleigh has good transportation system and can be easily visited by bus, railways or by air.


More Fun and Interesting Facts about Raleigh
1. It was founded in 1792 and was named after the English explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh.
2. Raleigh was also called the City of Oaks by many people since it had a huge number of oak trees.
3. This beautiful city contains more than forty museums and sightseeing places.
4. Raleigh’s Chapel Hill Durham and Chapel Hill are famous and popular for their hospitality and educational institutes such as Meredith College, North Caroline State University, and Shaw University.
5. The city is also famous for its performing arts varieties such as operas, orchestras, concerts and etc
6. Raleigh is also known as a famous historic landmark
7. Few of the worlds greatest and famous technological companies such as Lenovo, IBM, Nortel Networks, Sony Ericsson and Cisco have their headquarters.
8. Shaw University which is the first ever black university is in this state
9. Their national vegetable is sweet potato
10. There are various major industries in Raleigh which includes textile products, tobacco, chemicals vegetable crops, paper, furniture, brick, corn, hay, peanuts, lithium, mica, trucking, and corn.
11. Ex-vice president of the United States Andrew Johnson was also from here and started his life as a tailor.
12. The Capitol building was initially designed as a tomb for the wife of Montfort Stokes. After finding building code faults in the building the officials made this a meeting place.
13. Raleigh and North Raleigh are different cities.
14. Sir Walter Raleigh after whom the city was named, was beheaded in 1682. The head was preserved and presented to his wife until finally she died and was buried in the same place as his tomb known as  St. Margaret’s in  Westminster.
15. Governor Morehead’s first and last architectural project that was executed was a School, Dort Narena.
16. the Beltline was initially decided to be built as a wall, but after lobbying, it was changed and built into a roadway. This required lobbying.

17. The laser on the 19th-century water tower was bought by Greg Hatem, who also bought the tower itself. NCSU Engineering School Death Laser reimagined this laser in 1940 to help against boats from Germany. But the entire effort was a failure.
18. Raleigh was initially intended to be named as the capital but later it was not.
19. Raleigh has the first state art museum of the country.
20. Raleigh is home to various kinds and mixes breeds of trees and forests. All of these are home to Canadian monkeys, goose and many kinds of birds.