How much does renting a photo booth cost?

How much does renting a photo booth cost?

Before we dwell in the depths of this topic, we need to understand first what exactly a ‘photo booth’ is and what role it plays in our life. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a photo booth is a small room that one or two people can go into to have their photograph taken by putting money into a slot.’ Similarly, the Collins dictionary has described a photo booth as ‘cubicle or small room in which a person sits to have their photograph taken by a machine.’ So we can gather from the above explanations that a photo booth is basically a place which is open to the general public, where the photos are being taken automatically by a machine.

A photo booth contains an automated machine or kiosk which has the money or coin deposit slot in an enclosed area. The automatic kiosk takes the picture as soon as the coin is dropped in the allotted coin deposit slot. It is like a vending machine which clicks the picture in return for money. Such photo booths are more common in western countries. For example, reference can be made to Raleigh, the capital city of North Carolina, where photo booths are found to be given on rent. In Raleigh, there are actually companies who take and give such photo booths on rent. Other examples of such countries can be United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other such places. According to various surveys, there has been a rise around 48% in searches and construction of such photo booths.

What is the role of a photo booth?

People generally prefer to rent photo booths for weddings, parties, gatherings where groups of people can click their photos by dropping just a coin instead of waiting for the photographer to be free. It is also an additional fun to the guests where they can click different pictures and preserve them as mementos. The photo booth ensures instant photos. Some of the photo booths also offer props to add fun. It is generally preferred that when a person uses the photo booth, the background is light colored as it will help in taking better photos. A photo booth if given on proper rent and is used efficiently, and then it can earn good and fair revenue.

Cost of renting a photo booth

There are many companies whose major business objective is to own or rent a phone booth. The owners can further give the booths on rent to small businesses. As technology advanced, some people connected the compact photo, digital cameras, , flat screen computer monitors, printers to create their own photo booths. By bringing those together using a personal computer and software, the technology made a photo booth readily accessible to general people. With the growth of photo booths, people started searching for photo booth rentals more than professional photographers. Photo booths on rent are common in western countries, especially North America and the United Kingdom. Most photo booth companies in these countries calculate a package while giving the photo booths on rent. Some of them also give the facility to negotiate the prices while fixing the rent based on the time (number of hours). Therefore, it can be seen that while deciding the cost of renting a photo booth various factors are needed to be taken into account, such as the location of the photo booth, the number of hours or time involved, the general price or fair rent prevalent in that area and other small significant factors. In a country like Australia, a photo booth generally ranges from $1500 to $2000 for three hours while in Ohio the charge is $1000 for four hours approximately.

In Chicago, people have been found to pay $1500 for four hours on special occasions. So it is quite apparent from the different fares and rents that the cost of renting a photo booth generally differs from places to places, from time to time, occasions to occasions, and often from companies to companies. The companies which offer packages are also sometimes open to negotiation regarding the cost of renting a photo booth. They sometimes offer special deals, which if taken advantage of, can earn a lot of money.

So from the above discussion, it can be easily concluded as to how much renting a photo booth cost. The factors on which cost of renting a photo booth depends have also been mentioned and elaborated. It can be seen that photo booth has become quite an interesting addition to taking one’s picture.