Which Photo Booth do the Kardashians use?

Which Photo Booth do the Kardashians use?

Over the years, photo booths have become popular with their amazing features and capability of turning an average or a bad picture into one worth appreciation. Kardashians’ photos are something which attracts our attention. Their skin appears flawless and incredible to look at which only gives us a reason to envy them. Photo booths are even used by such high-profile people like that of the Kardashians, giving their photos a touch of perfection which will leave us awestruck.

Kardashians, like every year, threw a Christmas Eve party in 2013 which consisted of a photo booth being something different and unusual. This photo booth now has become a fixture at almost each and every major gathering of Kardashians and Kadarshians-adjacent event. If one follows them on Instagram as well, they will come across a black and white portrait which can be termed as almost a perfect candid as well as precisely posed, being shot from the shoulders up. Here, everyone, irrespective of their race, sex or age looks absolutely flawless.

Photo booth Kardashians use: History and Background

The aim of any beauty photographer would be capturing a flawless face. Instagram filters and some photo booth rental service also helps to solve this purpose of perfection to some extent. But MirMir is one of those photo booths, which has gained much popularity concerning the market. This photo booth is considered as the go-to photo booth involving high-profile events like The Emmys, Oscars, Coachella, events for the New York Times, Google’s staff holiday party, GQ, Marie Claire, wrap up parties for TV shows, Kylie’s graduation and much more. Currently, it has been used at Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday party being held at The Nice Guy, which is considered to be the favorite place of LA celebrities to get hidden from paparazzi.

There is very less information available on this Google MirMir but holds a great place in most of the celebrities’ life. It was launched in 2013, Glenn being the founder along with Sean Spencer to be the co-founder. The company on getting launched has done zero marketing, mainly because it didn’t have the need for it. Celebrities sharing their pictures on social media using this photo booth were enough for the company to get flourished and therefore, known worldwide.


Glenn and Sean, like their invented photo booth, are hard to find as well. They are more of a private person which seems to be interesting for them as they do it for their living. They believe in not mentioning their name anywhere even if it is relatable to their success. Both of the founders reportedly come from fine arts and photography background. During Glenn’s working phase in the New York fashion industry, he looked out for a way or technique to prevent carrying heavy lighting equipment to their jobs. He wanted something which could automatically bring some good quality studio light being something minimal, able to be lending itself to events. This was an editorial take on their part presented to the public.

MirMir, the Kardashians’ Photo Booth:

Glenn and Sean started their photo rental services separately. Having been met at an event, they discovered their similar taste and perspective towards this editorial outlook. Two years later, they merged together to launch MirMir. MirMir is available to the clients in San Francisco, New York, Canada, Dallas, though mainly based in LA. MirMir comes with a price and is charged extra for GIFs and its ability to share media on social media sites through an iPad.

MirMir’s hefty price tag proves it not to be a mere old photo booth, rather not at all a photo booth. Instead, it is considered as a device that combines up to a photo editing software and a well-fashioned human intuition. The subjects are made to appear in front of the MirMir device while their likenesses are mirrored back to them through a screen. MirMir staff member, either one or two, are always present at the event, being responsible for getting the photos at a moment that appears appropriate to him/her. The photo that has been triggered runs through MirMir’s photo editing software, within a times span of 10 to 15 seconds, further getting a physical copy printed out right on the spot of the event.

The software on which Mirmir works is referred as “skin filter” or “secret sauce” whereas customers term it as “SNL portrait.” In the Racked office, MirMir is known as “that Kardashian photo booth look.” People who have never used MirMir are also fascinated by it. On Reddit, a tutorial of MirMir has been answered as taking a photo, converting it to black and white, decreasing the contrast, fading the blacks, reducing the noise and sharpening it.

These changes are very well evident on Courtney’s under eyes and also Kylie’s bangs. MirMir is clearly recognized at the start of the hairline just like that one of Kendall Jenner. The blurring line on the hair is visible much for one to notice. Often that is taken as a spray right there on the hairline. Therefore, one can agree to the MirMir’s founders on the fact that this photo booth can do it all. It blends everything, preventing your skin to look abnormal or artificial. Thus, MirMir’s exact purpose is to blend everyone’s skin, preventing discernible lines, giving the skin a plastic look. One can, therefore, call this photo booth as a smothering filter, though being overused by many. It is undoubtedly an impressive photo booth, the automated technique being the highlight and the most attractive feature. Getting a physical copy of the photo right on the spot of the event along with great editing feature that too within 15 seconds, is clearly a clever innovation.

Therefore, MirMir being called a Kardashian photo booth is a great technical innovation with amazing editing features as well as an automated device providing photos that are printed on the spot within seconds. The founders are still amazed at the response that this photo booth is receiving from all those high profile customers. There are a number of photo booth rentals available in Raleigh in North Carolina, but this photo booth stands out being effectively used by celebrities on their Instagram feeds, saying how amazing they look.