What are Photo Booth Props?

What are Photo Booth Props?

Hiring photographers are quite common, either for weddings or private parties or even corporate gatherings for capturing some precious moments of one’s life. Currently, a new trend is seen emerging. This new trend is the installation of photo booths at events. Hiring photographers involve a higher budget, whereas photo booths are preferable when the budget is tight. A photo booth rental will make sure it gets you all the pictures of the important moments as well as the pictures of the guests. Photo booth props are the fun elements that these rentals have to offer in order to make the event more interesting and exciting. Colorful backdrops, moustaches, chalkboards, sailor hats and such props are considered as photo booth props making the event happening and attracting guests to try out these props, thereby being engaged at the party.

Selecting perfect props for photo booth event:

There are a number of places to one can purchase their photo booth props from according to the theme of their events. Few of the sources are:

  • Dollar stores are the best for such party props when the budget is limited as one can avail they desirable props just at one dollar. But they do not have many choices available, which is a major setback.
  • Costume shops can also provide you with amazing deals on various photo booth things, including a great range of props.
  • Online stores are another place to grab your props in bulk at amazing discounts. One can get those superbly made sailor hats, mustaches, beards etc., but definitely not at a lower price.
  • Great handmade props can be availed from etsy.com. Here things are handmade with a lot of care which are sure to please you. However, the prices of such props are not budget-friendly.
  • Walmart is another solution for purchasing such props. Photo booth props are available on a stick, including cute signs and mustaches and many other funny and interesting props.

Photo booths are extremely popular only for good reasons. While renting props from the photo booth rental company, one must be sure to check out whatever is included in the deal. Often companies put in extra props on hand in order to get paid more for good quality props supplied by them. One can negotiate such charges beforehand with the company so as to get saved from the hustle of buying them separately. One can also start collecting or making their own props for the events so as to avoid such circumstances as well as save money.


Few Photo Booth Prop Ideas:

In order to get your money saved, you can try and make some props all by yourself. These can be made with simple things that are available at stationery stores or anywhere like chart papers, cardboards, sticks, colors, beads, and many other crafting materials. Handmade props will not only allow creating things of your choice; it keeps a check on the budget; also handmade stuff provide warmth and love to your special ones, making them feel special. All you need is a little bit effort and creativity to get your props done for the event, worth appraisal.

Here are few DIY photo booth prop ideas for adding an extra element of fun to your event:

  • Paper chain backdrop

These paper chains can be made with vibrant, colorful papers. Those paper strips can be cut off either with a trimmer or guillotine. A pair of scissors can serve the same purpose.

  • Chalkboard backdrop

These chalkboard backdrops can be customized completely. As soon as the chalkboard paint dries up, one can easily draw or write anything of their choice and definitely relatable to the event.

  • Ticket backdrop

If your party is comprised of a movie theme, ticket backdrops are apt. It just needs a lining of the tickets and further getting them attached with some poster putty or tapes.

  • Instax Pineapple frame

These are great options for get-togethers. One needs to mark the back side of the cardboard with stencils so that there are no pencil lines either on front sides or on the colored side.

  • Door screen backdrop

Old doors can be assembled together to give an amazing backdrop for a picture. These are best for wedding ceremonies involving the couple for a photo shoot.  Some wooden pieces can be distressed with some sandpaper or chalk paint to get it done.

  • Minecraft balloon wall

Here, all the balloons should be of uniform size. This can be done with the help of uniform pumps for blowing up the balloons.

  • Paper fan backdrop

One can create this backdrop by placing a number of paper pieces of different sizes like a fan. This allows the photo booth being good in texture as well as a variety of the ways these paper fans are laid out.

  • Batman frame

If the event is for kids and they are great fans of Batman, this is the perfect frame to surprise them. Birthday parties can have these frames, comprised of all the imageries of Batman either from paper cut-outs or simple drawings.

  • Gold Sequins backdrop

Some glitz can be added to your photos with such gold sequin backdrops. Props like metallic foil hats and also party poppers can serve this purpose well.

  • Flower garland backdrop

If the wall seems to be dull and neutral, flower garlands can brighten up the backdrop instantly. But if one wants to exhibit those pastel shades of the wall, then these flower garlands can be placed in front of a black colored wall.

These are few of the simple and effective photo booth props which can be done easily at home and therefore, requires no renting. Photo booths are extremely popular in Raleigh of North Carolina where one can avail great rental services from a variety of companies. Photo booth props not only excite the guests of the events or the gathering, but it also enhances the feel and mood of that particular event, enabling people to get indulged in all the fun-filled activities, thereby being captured in those precious moments which can be cherished throughout their life.