What Size Are Photo Booth Pictures?

What Size Are Photo Booth Pictures?

Photo booths are something we do love getting into when we are at a party. All of us must have some fond memories or incidents relating to photo booths. The trend of photo booths emerged in the mid-1920s when Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho invented ‘Photomaton’ in 1925 and patented it. It was set up in Broadway, New York City and spread the craze among the citizens across States and by 1927 the trend spread across Europe. Photo booths are now top the list of big parties and ceremonies like weddings and vintage parties. This is a great way to capture beautiful and quirky memories with or without fun props and with friends. Do you ever think about the type of photo booths or the size of photo booth pictures? Let’s find out.

The Size of Photo Booth Pictures

In the present day, there are different kinds of photo booth software which are linked to the different kind of high-quality printers. As seen from Raleigh in North Carolina, there are few options from which we can choose how we wish to print our photos and the pattern.

  • 2’’ x 6.”

In this size of photo prints, you can print up to four photos horizontally. These photo strips are the most popular for parties.

  • 4’’ x 6.”

In this size of photo strips, you can either have one photo in landscape mode or multiple images in landscape mode.

  • 6’’ x 2.”

These are special sizes which are custom made and not always available. You can add personal messages, name of the party or a logo and position the pictures as per your wish in this type of photo strips

Types of Photo Booths

When we are discussing the size of photo booth pictures, we must also discuss the types of photo booths that are functional in the present day. Broadly classified, there are two types of photo booths, those are:

  • Enclosed Photo Booths

Enclosed photo booths are based on the original framework of photo booths where the user are hidden from the world or prying eyes by a curtain or some kind of panel. This makes them comfortable enough to pose for their posh or funny poses and weird faces. Enclosed photo booths come in a different capacity, up to 16 people can be fitted in an enclosed photo booth. The photo booths with lesser capacity normally have benches for the users to sit but the larger booths make the user stand for the photos.

  • Open Photo Booths

Open photo booths are out in the open with no curtain or panel hiding the user from the outside world. There are different kinds of open photo booth like a kiosk or a photographer clicking your pictures as you pose. Open photo booths can accommodate more people than the enclosed ones. People can see your glamorous or funny poses. These booths are more fun as the poses generate a fun environment. These booths don’t have much privacy. The flashes and outside noise affects the photos taken in an open photo booth

Photo booths are one of the biggest inventions for the entertainment of mankind while making memories. In the present day, the techniques have evolved a lot. In the initial days, there were only photo strips with four pictures in black and white and then came eight pictures in black and white. Now we have color pictures in different sizes and with a lot of fun props to pose with.