Top 10 Photo Booth Ideas!


Are you a photographer, professional or part-time? Do you ever think to change your backdrops?

Here are we with the top 10 Photo Booth Ideas!

 Sometimes the simplest addition during the time of your photoshoots can change the total theme of the photos. Many photographers don’t even think about the walls of their studio. But if one can make a simple change in the walls of the studio, this can make the whole frame of the photos splendid. There is no need to change the back parts of the object when one is going to do his photoshoots in outside. But in the time of studio photoshoots, it is an important matter, it is even one of the main factors being considered in our booth rental in Raleigh. Changing the whole wall permanently maybe not easy, and it is quite costly. But there is an option for changing the backdrops. So, makes your photo booth something different.

Hiring someone for creating a backdrop is also expensive. But why you think in that route for this, when there have so many options available in online. So, this is the time to with the top 10 options for changing your backdrops instantly.


  1. 180-degree GIF Booth

Same photo from every possible angle! Yes, this the theme of 180-degree GIF photo booth. This is one of the most technologically advanced photo booths that exist now. With 5 different strategically placed cameras, this photo booth snaps 5 different photos from 5 angles at 180 degrees. It gives you the option to select the best one from the 5 different angles photos.  Hoping the models are dressing well enough for impressing the crowd because this strategical booth catches every angle. So, nothing to hide! It is amazing for the parties, which are trying to find some special than the common photo booths that are available.


  1. 1920s Theme Photo Booth with Staging

Staging the photo booth as a 1920s living room with components like wine, champagne, champagne glasses, gold frames, gold sofa and cushions, gold candle, and so on for looking like a glamorous living room of that period. It is the ideal way for adding some extra for your photo booth. Please keep attention to dress up the models with matching the components of the booth. If you design your personal living room as this, it will be nice for your guest. Maybe the will eagerly wait for taking some photos. But try to create such environments in which the guests will not feel shy. As like you can make your champagne flowing for this purpose.


  1. Confetti Backdrops

This type of backdrop usually used for branding a company or a grand opening. You can use this only for adding an insane amount of color in your photos. This is also a custom type photo booth. But it is a bit easy to change your backdrops with the confetti backdrops. There is nothing, just add some balloons, crafts, rainbow tassels, flower, and makes the perfect backdrop for your photoshoots.


  1. Glam Booth (Black & White)


Black & white photos haven’t any time limit. They are all time popular. People use black & white photos for catching the moments. One can be nostalgic by seeing a black & white photos that snap a long time ago. He remembers the memory of those days. With old costumes and props, you can make just a fabulous glam photo booth for a Gatsby party that is meant to be shown off. You may use just a solid white backdrop or shiny gold flapper backdrop for your booth.


  1. Custom Backdrop with Head Cutouts

Searching something for the next awaited birthday party of your fiancé or the next holiday party that you planned with your friends?

In this context, a custom backdrop will be the best for your photoshoots. A backdrop with a themed that you prefer like as surfing, drama set, and others. Design it and makes some holes on it. People will love to give pose by pushing their head in holes.


  1. LifeSize Standees

Life size standees are the another popular photo booth that is made of the life-size bride and groom standing pose props, while the invited guests who are giving pose with the props as a purpose of taking photos with newlyweds. In the wedding ceremony, all of the guests love to catch memories in the photo with the bride and groom. But it difficult to find them free, in this situation LifeSize Standees photo booth serve this purpose in a fun way.


  1. Green Hedge Backdrop


Green Hedge backdrops have become more popular day by day as they are also serving the wedding purpose. In a garden themed wedding, it is important to have a photo booth with the green hedge to cope with the lush green venue. People customized green hedge backdrop with the flowers, wood signs, sky drops and sometimes leave it plain considering the garden party theme.

  1. GIF Enabled Photos

New technologies invention GIF can be used as a photo booth. If you want to look your photos a bit different, then you can utilize the GIF. It is easy to combine the photos with GIF features and makes a group of photos. You can easily post a GIF in the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as other social media. It is a fun to show a lot of photos with GIF for everyone to see. There is a creativity for giving poses in the photo booth for GIF session.


  1. Chalkboard Backdrop

It will be one of our top choices if you are looking for a photo wall backdrops. You will find amazing photos that take with your friends or family in front of a chalkboard black backdrop. The backdrop can be customized with your name, wedding date, occasion, and also you can use colorful chalkboard backdrops for the satisfaction.


  1. Instagram Face Cutouts

A cute Instagram frame cutout can make you happy in the time of taking photos. It will look great for wedding purpose, fun party, and so others. It is easy to find Instagram frame cutouts on the market. Take photos with Instagram photo cutouts and post them on the Facebook, Instagram as well as other social media with the hashtag!

Photo booths are getting very popular day by day for any type of celebrations. In my sense, this 10 will be the best photo booth ideas. You will find many photo booth but all of them are not good enough. The choice is yours.